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Toldja Truth-Squad: From Dismissal to 'Exclusive!' in 2 Short Weeks

Maybe we should get The New Yorker to order up a fact-check?

But seriously, folks.

Who ya gonna believe if ya can't believe Nikki Finke?

Remember a brief two weeks ago, when she wrote that our exclusive story break that Comcast was in talks to buy NBC-Universal was "bulls---"?? There was nothing going on, she reported -- just any  one of a half-dozen companies were "kicking the tires"? No one else went out on this limb. But some inexperienced online sites, including The Huffington Post, chose to trumpet her dismissal. Their bad.


Suddenly, all that's in the past. Now, she's all over the story.


Except, of course, she's late. We reported yesterday that the deal was done, in principle, and set to be announced in the next few weeks.

We don't expect better standards from a site like that. But for the record, here's more old news, reported as fresh: Finke decided to pass along what we reported more than a week ago - that William Morris Endeavor is not moving into their new building on Beverly. See: It's the Parking Lot, Stupid: Ari Backs Out of New WME Building. But she's not up to speed yet on the legal wrangling, which we reported here: Ari Pushback: Realtor Gets Legal in WME Building Dispute.

She definitely needs to start reading TheWrap. And I'm starting to think we need some kind of blotter to truth-squad Nikki FInke's claims and counter-claims, faux indignation and back-door changes of fact. Just a suggestion. Not that it will change her behavior. But it might make us journalists feel better.