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Tom Arnold Fights Trump Supporters on Twitter

After being called a ”liberal irrelevant buffoon“ on Twitter, the actor responded ”and yet I’m still better than your pathetic ass“

Tom Arnold has quickly learned that Donald Trump supporters don’t pull their punches when it comes to defending the president-elect.

Since posting a challenge to gamers Thursday evening to hack into Trump’s unreleased tax returns and archived tapes of “Celebrity Apprentice,” the actor/comedian has been hit with some pretty tough blows coming from The Donald’s proponents. Not that Arnold is one to button his lip and sit down in the corner. Nope.

Arnold believes that tapes exist showing Trump using racial slurs and other offensive language — though no tapes have emerged.

Here are just a few of the not-so friendly comments tossed in his face… only for Arnold toss a few zingers right back.

Check it out:

Arnold also had his share of supporters.

2016 is just weird. Never thought I would respect @TomArnold ????Get ‘em Tom! https://t.co/boyZ5NYWzv

– Deborah Lee (@leepen_lee) December 30, 2016