‘Hunt for the Trump Tapes’ Host Tom Arnold Promises ‘There’s a Pee-Pee Tape’ (Video)

And an “Apprentice” boardroom one where Donald Trump uses both the N-word and the R-word — the latter about his own son

Where do we even begin with Tom Arnold’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance on Wednesday? Oh right, the “Trump Tapes.”

Arnold, who hosts Viceland’s “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes,” told Jimmy Kimmel that he’s personally heard the damning things from “The Apprentice” set that you’ve simply heard of.

“He says the ‘N’ word, he calls [son] Eric the ‘R’ word,” Arnold said last night. He also assured pal Kimmel that he’ll hear it too, but Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband doesn’t specify when or how.

“And there’s a pee-pee tape,” he shoehorned into the overly energetic interview.

Arnold also spent much of his 10-plus minutes on ABC’s late-night show ripping Mark Burnett, who created “The Apprentice” and is “literally best friends” with Trump, per the “True Lies” actor.

Much of Arnold’s criticism for Burnett was based on his idea that Roma Downey’s husband hasn’t stepped in to help reunite immigrant children “imprisoned” at our border with their families down in Central America. Oh, plus, Arnold hates the reality show that guy produced for our current POTUS.

“‘The Apprentice’ is such a crappy show that I wouldn’t do it,” Arnold said, recalling multiples phone conversations during which he says Burnett and Trump would “beg” him to do the NBC series. “That says a lot because I do everything.”

Arnold also said that a board member of MGM — Burnett’s company — approached him last week and said he is “so worried” about the tapes.

Watch the “Kimmel” appearance via the video above.

“The Hunt for the Trump Tapes” premieres Sept. 18 on Viceland.

Watch a trailer for Arnold’s investigative journalism show here.