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Tom Brady Is Mocked for His Golf Game… Until He Sinks a Birdie

And he ripped his pants while doing it

Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time, but golf has rendered him into a mere mortal… even when he sinks a shot from the fairway.

The six-time Super Bowl champion was part of The Match: Champions for Charity golf event on Sunday that had him teaming up with legendary golfer Phil Mickelson to take on the golf/gridiron duo of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. But the match quickly turned into a long parade of humiliation for Brady, as Twitter users quickly started dunking on him for his terrible swings.

“I’m enjoying Tom Brady suck at golf way more than I should be,” Oakland A’s pitcher Dominic Yearego joked, while four-time major winner Brooks Koepka announced that he would donate $100,000 through his charity foundation if Brady could just make par on a single hole on the front nine. Even Charles Barkley, infamous for his terrible golf game, trash-talked Brady by saying he would donate $50,000 if he could hit a green.

When Brady didn’t even come close, Barkley joked, “You know, Tom, I should’ve just said if you can keep it on the planet!

But less than an hour later, Brady made Koepka and Barkley pay up in the weirdest way possible. On the seventh hole, Brady sunk a birdie from the fairway, turning to Barkley with a grin and quipping, “Take a suck of that, Chuck!” And true to his word, Koepka donated a hundred grand.

Unfortunately for Brady, even that amazing moment didn’t come without some embarrassment. On the next hole, he admitted that he ripped his pants while doing that swing, and the camera got a good look at that tear when he plucked his ball out of the hole.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said that Brady shot an eagle from the fairway. The shot was actually a birdie as Brady had taken a one shot penalty on the hole prior to completing it.