Tom Brady Smashes Matt Damon’s Window, Fuels Jimmy Kimmel Feud (Video)

Is it weird that Damon sleeps with a Tom Brady body pillow?

Tom Brady unwittingly added fuel to the fire of Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon’s “feud” when the late-night host lured him over to the “Bourne Identity” actor’s house to wreck it.

While the six-time Super Bowl champion was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night, Kimmel asked him to show off his famous arm by throwing a perfect spiral.

As sidekick Guillermo pointed out, it was too dangerous for Brady to throw a football inside the studio as “he might kill somebody,” and too risky to aim at one of the columns outside on Hollywood Blvd. as they could take down the whole building and “kill a lot of people.” Yep, Brady is superhero strong.

So the trio ventured in a yellow cab (they still have taxis in L.A.???) to Liberace Lane to take aim at a seemingly random house.

Kimmel challenged Brady to throw the ball through an upstairs window and, of course, the G.O.A.T. nailed his shot … cue an angry Damon storming out to yell at his nemesis. But no Bostonian can be mad at the New England Patriots legend and the Oscar winner soon dissolved into an idolizing fan begging for a photo.

Sadly, Damon didn’t get his selfie with Brady, another window was smashed and he lost his cellphone in the process, but his ultimate humiliation came after he pulled out his “Big Tom and Little Tom” dolls.

“It’s like a body pillow, it’s good for your back,” he pleaded as Brady and Kimmel sped away. Even this diehard Patriots fan thinks that’s weird.

Watch the video above and judge for yourself.