Tom Brady’s Balls Defense at Deflategate Press Conference Blows Up Social Media

The Patriots quarterback’s constant “balls” references made Twitter go nuts

Broadcasts were interrupted and oceans parted as Tom Brady addressed the media over allegations that the New England Patriots used tainted footballs in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts.

In fact, all three major cable news networks broke away to carry the press conference.

Patriots quarterback Brady was vehement that, following initial inspection before an NFL game, he doesn’t “want anyone touching those balls after that. I don’t want anyone rubbing them,” he said. “To me, those balls are perfect.”

Yeah, they are.

His commentary alone provided sufficient comic relief, but Twitter users famous and otherwise were still inspired to mock the face of Deflategate.

Rob Lowe defended Brady sort of …

While Josh Groban decided to go the sanctimonious route.

Jimmy Kimmel sought instead to try to inhabit the mind of Tom Brady.

Where the rest of the world sees controversy, Twitter user and cancer survivor Drew Olanoff sees opportunity.

Giselle Bundschen, what’s up!

Cute, but it was NBC’s Pro Football Talk that issued the funniest tweet of the day on the subject.

Meanwhile, Engadget editor John Colucci may simply not understand the underlying principles of advertising.

Ryan Parker’s tweet count reached 23 during the presser, with posts like …

and …  

The sentiment wasn’t lost on CJ Werleman, who noted his favorite “balls” combinations from the media conference.

User Brett summed up the resulting social media fallout succinctly.