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Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Set a Beach Date in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Teaser Trailer (Video)

The second full trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. release premieres on Tuesday

A new teaser trailer for “Edge of Tomorrow” landed online Monday to remind fans of the big-budget, sci-fi action genre that the next full trailer for the Tom Cruise movie is only a day away.

Cruise stars opposite Emily Blunt (“Looper”) as soldiers — Blunt being the superior fighter, actually — who find themselves repeating the same day over and over again, in which they battle through a doomed mission to take out a hive-like alien race that is invading Earth.

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The 22-second tease (above) promises Cruise and Blunt meet during a special date on “the beach” that will be anything but relaxing.

Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity”) directed the adaptation of Japanese comic book called “All You Need Is Kill.”

Bill Paxton and Jeremy Piven co-star in the Warner Bros. release that hits theaters on June 6.