James Corden Helps Tom Cruise Re-Create His Entire Career (Video)

Relive every classic scene from “Top Gun” to “Mission Impossible” franchise

James Corden and Tom Cruise lit up the small screen by reenacting every iconic scene from Cruise’s lengthy big screen career on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show.”

They kicked things off strong with a scene from “Top Gun,” followed shortly by Corden taking over for Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man.”

The pair then ably made their way through the “Mission Impossible” franchise, then transitioned to “Jerry Maguire,” but Cuba Gooding Jr. had to make a special guest appearance in order to effectively recreate the infamous “Show me the money!” scene.

They did a quick scene from “Jack Reacher,” with Cruise taking a moment out to remind the audience that the sequel is about to hit theaters this Friday.

Watch the video above.