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Tom Cruise Plays a Mummy With a Bad Case of the Hiccups in Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Kid Theater’ (Video)

Children create these short scenes based on the title of actor’s latest film

Tom Cruise joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night’s installment of “Kid Theater,” which saw the two acting out scenes created by kids based on the title of Cruise’s latest film, “The Mummy.”

Besides getting a weird glimpse into the minds of children, the segment allowed Cruise and Fallon to stretch their acting skills — and try not to laugh. Announcer Steve Higgins acted as the narrator and had to describe the sometimes delightfully weird scenes.

The first scene involved a mummy and a skeleton who had a brief fight and then made up with a head bump — which is “like a fist bump, but with your head,” according to the writer.

The second scene saw a boy, played by Fallon, meeting a mummy, played by Cruise, at a lake. They become friends and realize they both have a love of hot dogs. The mummy likes his with dust though.

However, the final scene features the standout performances from both men. This one told the story of a mummy and a sheep who both have to deal with a crazy case of the hiccups. At one point, the mummy spills a glass of water and has to clean it up with himself (which is a pretty good joke considering it’s from a six year old).

You can watch the full performances above.

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