Tom Hanks Responds to CNN Asking What Happens if Trump Gets Re-Elected: ‘There’s Always a Reason to Be Worried About the Short-Term’ | Video

“But I look at the longer term of what happened,” the actor adds, avoiding getting too deeply into this election’s politics

Tom Hanks masterfully avoided making a political statement when asked about Donald Trump and his potential re-election, just a week after Trump was convicted on 34 felonies in a New York court, in an interview with CNN on Thursday. 

“I think there is always a reason to be worried about the short-term. But I look at the longer term of what happened… Our constitution says, ‘We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union.’ That journey to a more perfect union has missteps in it, we know. I can catalog them as much as you can … and i’m just a guy that makes movies and reads books,” Hanks said.

The actor and World War II buff sat down with CNN at an 80th Anniversary commemoration of D-Day, the Allied assault that marks the “start of the end” of that war, to discuss America’s history and potential future.

Before being asked about the former president, Hanks spent time reflecting on his starring role in in the 1998 film “Saving Private Ryan,” which tells the story of this historic day. “Part of it is glamorous fun,” he said, before delving into the more intense aspects of the experience.

“There is a moment where of course, we’re just pretending. But there comes a moment where the reason we’re there is to capture the truth, as the film rolls,” Hanks added. “And to be cold, wet, scared, and have it be awfully noisy for an awful long time…For good or for bad, that movie is a document that has to accurately reflect the tenor of that day, and I’d like to think we did that.”

Interviewer Christiane Amanpour, following Hanks’ reflection, finally asked the controversial Trump question. She did so by questioning whether what was fought for on D-Day could be lost if Trump were re-elected.

“Do you worry about the United States … in terms of its commitment to democracy and freedom and everything these people died for, if there’s another Trump presidency?” Amanpour asked.

Hanks, without mentioning Trump’s name in his response, answered the question with a speech about his “faith” in the American people and the quest to create a “more perfect union.” The actor remained truthful in his response while completely dodging any potential controversy.

“It comes about, not because of somebody’s narrative of who is right or who is a victim or not, it comes out of the slow melding of truth, to the actual practical life that we end up living … I will always have faith that the United States of America and the western societies that have adopted, more or less, the same sort of democracy, cannot help but turn towards what is right,” Hanks concluded.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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