Watch Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones Try to Stop Human Extinction in New ‘Inferno’ Trailer (Video)

Movie based on Dan Brown’s book opens Oct. 28

In the new trailer for “Inferno,” Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones try to uncover a deadly plague that has the potential to wipe out half of the world’s population.

The trailer reveals new footage showing professor Robert Langdon (Hanks) being briefed on a situation, analyzing the map of Dante’s Hell and traveling to Florence to find the death mask of Dante Alighieri. The problem is, it seems that someone stole the mask — and that someone is Langdon.

Hanks and Jones star in the third movie based on Dan Brown‘s series of novels, following “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons.”

Directed by Ron Howard, both films grossed over $1.2 billion together worldwide.

“There is tremendous excitement for the franchise as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive test response,” said Josh Greenstein, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Sony Pictures, in a statement.

“Once again, Ron Howard really delivered.  This movie will be a huge global event.”

“Inferno” will hit theaters on Oct. 28 and also stars Ben Foster, Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy.

Watch the video above.