Tom Hanks’ ‘Money Pit’ Mansion Gets Renovated, on Sale for $5.9 Million

Hopefully whoever buys it doesn’t find some unexpected problems


The house that Tom Hanks struggled to keep together in “The Money Pit” is now on sale for $5.9 million, hopefully without a raccoon in the dumbwaiter.

According to its listing on Sotheby’s, the house, which was built in 1898 and is located in Lattingtown, New York, has a six-car garage, eight fireplaces, eight bedrooms (including a four-room master suite), and is described as “A Stately Estate Lovingly And Meticulously Restored To Modern Turnkey Eminence.”

But when the middle-class couple played by Tom Hanks and Shelly Long bought the house in the 1986 comedy, the house sported electrical fire hazards, a front door that rips out of its frame, plumbing filled with sludge, a collapsed staircase, and a bathtub that crashes through the floor.

money pit house tom hanks sothebys

While the house was only used for exterior shots while the dilapidated interior was film on a soundstage, a 2014 New York Times interview with Rich and Christina Makowsky, who bought the home in 2002, said that the actual house was in bad shape as well.

“The house was falling apart when you went from room to room,” they said. “We definitely could have done the sequel.”