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Tom Hanks Reunites With Wilson From ‘Cast Away’ 15 Years Later (Video)

The infamous volleyball the actor befriended while deserted on fictional island gets thrown his way at hockey game

Tom Hanks had a reunion of sorts at Thursday’s New York Rangers game when the volleyball that became famous in “Cast Away” was thrown his direction.

Hanks was shown on the Jumbotron screen when someone threw him “Wilson” — the volleyball he found on the fictional island he was stranded on after his plane crashed in the 2000 film “Cast Away.”

The actor seemed to like the Rangers’ in-house entertainment surprise, looking down at the much-cleaner version of the volleyball and showing it off to fans. He then chanted, “Let’s go Rangers!”

The beloved volleyball, which Hanks talked to like a BFF while being stranded on an island for years in “Cast Away,” helped win him a 2001 Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Watch the video below: