Tom Hanks Reveals He Has Type 2 Diabetes

“Something’s gonna kill us all,” the star said

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 8:49 PM

Cancel that holiday fruitcake to the Tom Hanks household this year — during a promotional stop for “Captain Phillips,” the actor revealed that he has type 2 diabetes.

Hanks stopped by the “Late Show” on Monday, where David Letterman pointed out that he looked “wonderful.”

Hanks said he was “maintaining the temple” out of necessity. A recent visit to his doctor revealed that the high blood sugar he’d struggled with for two decades had turned into type 2 diabetes.

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“You’ve graduated!” Hanks quoted his doctor as saying. “You’ve got type 2 diabetes, young man!”

Hanks hastened to point out that his condition is “controllable” — even curable, though Hanks doubts that’s possible.

“My doctor said, ‘look, if you can weigh as much as you weighed in high school, you will essentially be completely healthy, you will not have type 2 diabetes.’ And I said to her, ‘Well, I’m gonna have type 2 diabetes, because there is no way.'”

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Hanks claimed he weighed all of 96 pounds in high school, and “most of that was that big white afro I wore.”

Letterman said he, too, has struggled with high blood sugar and had to go on a special diet.

“Something’s gonna kill us all, Dave,” Hanks said.