Tom Hardy Has No Idea When ‘Mad Max 4: Fury Road’ Will Come Out

Delays keep hitting George Miller's proposed sequel to the "Mad Max" movies with no end in sight

Here's some bad — though not quite apocalyptic — news for "Mad Max" fans.

Tom Hardy seems none too confidant that cameras will start rolling anytime soon on "Mad Max 4: Fury Road," the proposed sequel to the iconic dystopian franchise.

"We keep moving that around, you know?” Hardy told Empire Magazine at the Cannes Film Festival. “Who knows when it’ll come out? I’ve been on stand-by for two years… but it’s all part of it."

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Hardy nabbed the lead role in the film way back in 2010 when he was far from a household name. The Brando-esque English actor's profile has increased substantially in the ensuing years thanks to roles in "Inception" (2010) and "Warrior" (2011), not to mention a turn as the villainous Bane in this summer's "The Dark Knight Rises." 

Hardy spoke to the magazine while he was in Cannes to hawk his performance in the bootlegging drama "Lawless." 

Production on "Fury Road" was originally set to start two years ago, but flooding in Australia made the desert locations that director George Miller planned to use for the movie's lifeless backdrop appear too lush. 

When Hardy was making the media rounds for "Warrior" last fall, he said "Fury Road" was set to start in April, but it appears that start has been pushed back yet again. 

When the project was first announced, Hardy was set to co-star opposite Nicholas Hoult ("A Single Man") and Charlize Theron ("Monster"). However, all of the actors have pretty full dance cards, so it is not clear whether they will still be available if and when production finally begins on "Fury Road."