Tom Hardy Stars With James Gandolfini and a Very Cute Puppy in ‘The Drop’ Clips (Video)

Michaël R. Roskam’s thriller based on a Dennis Lehane novel opens Friday, Sept 12

Tom Hardy makes an unlikely best friend and some grim discoveries in new clips released from “The Drop,” the crime thriller from Michaël R. Roskam which stars James Gandolfini in one of his last roles.

Matthias Schoenaerts and Noomi Rapace co-star in the film, based on a novel by “Mystic River” author Dennis Lehane, about a group of bad guys who decide to rob the wrong bar, which doubles as a drop point for money exchanging between even more bad guys.

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The new clips feature Hardy’s character discovering bloody money stashed in a garbage bag, which Gandolfini, playing his cousin, wants nothing to do with. In another clip, Rapace gives him a mysterious message, while Schoenaerts looms ominously.

The bright spot in the film seems to be a four-legged co-star, as an adorable puppy melts Hardy’s character’s cold, black heart. And as seen in the new featurette (below), the little guy was making plenty of friends behind-the-scenes as well.

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“The Drop” opens in theaters on Friday, Sept 12.