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Tom Sizemore Wasn’t Supposed to Drive During ‘Shooter’ Stuntman Injury, Report Says

”Mr. Sizemore improvised at the end of the scene and drove away in his car,“ Cal/OSHA investigation finds

Actor Tom Sizemore wasn’t supposed to drive during an incident that left a stuntman injured on the USA series “Shooter,” but he took things off-script and threw the SUV into reverse anyway, the Associated Press reports.

Citing papers from a Cal/OSHA investigation, the AP reported that Sizemore wasn’t supposed to move the vehicle. However, he “inexplicably drove off,” causing stuntman Steve de Castro to be run over and dragged, suffering injuries including fractures in his wrist and forearm, as well as bone and tissue damage.

While Sizemore was merely supposed to sit behind the wheel of the SUV during the shootout scene, the vehicle was left running to provide air conditioning.

“When, after rehearsals, the scenes were filmed for live action, Mr. Sizemore improvised at the end of the scene and drove away in his car,” according to the report. “Mr. Sizemore’s decision to drive was not in the script, and not expected to occur.”

The incident, which occurred last July in a remote area in Northern Los Angeles County, resulted in a lawsuit filed by the stuntman, who contended that Sizemore was intoxicated at the time. However, the AP reported, there was no mention of Sizemore being intoxicated in the Cal/OSHA report.

Days after the incident, Sizemore was arrested on a domestic abuse charge and subsequently dropped by his manager.