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Tomi Lahren Trashes Her ‘Intolerant Left’ Twitter Trolls (Video)

”I’m getting under their skin and I love it,“ Lahren tells Sean Hannity

TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren made her “Hannity” debut on Fox News Tuesday night, saying, internet trolls who attack her are “a true testament to the unloving and intolerant left.”

“I don’t give it any attention,” Lahren told Sean Hannity. “Either way, I’m still here. Either way I still get paid and I’m still voicing the truth. So, in order for me to give respect to what they’re saying, I need to respect them… I laugh it off.”

The pro-Trump commentator continued: “I’m getting under their skin and I love it.”

Lahren and Hannity discussed that they didn’t know each other, but met at an afterparty for President Trump’s inauguration, the conservative Fox News host saying he was impressed that she has such a right-leaning voice at such a young age (she is 24 years old).

“You’ve got to be honest. I think that political correctness is intellectual dishonesty,” she said during her Fox appearance. “And I don’t even know if I’m necessarily conservative. I’m honest, and that often lends itself to conservatism,” Lahren added before mocking the “farm team” (a baseball reference to second-class players) of the Democratic party, referring to Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, who both fumbled around with their words while criticizing Trump during a press conference on Tuesday.

“They might as well be picking out their pant suits for Trump’s 2020 inauguration,” Lahren said.

After her appearance, Lahren took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the segment.

This, obviously, resulted in some of the aforementioned attacks she often receives via social media.

Check out the video above.