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Tomi Lahren Loved That Vanity Fair Hillary Clinton Video: ‘I Applaud Them’

”Finally they’re coming to their senses and they got a sense of humor,“ says Tomi Lahren on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday

Tomi Lahren spoke in defense of Vanity Fair on Wednesday after the magazine took heat from liberals over a tongue-in-cheek New Year’s video for Hillary Clinton.

On the set of Fox News’ “Hannity,” Lahren said she was proud of the publication for having a sense of humor.

“I am just so happy that the mainstream media, the leftist mainstream media might I add, Vanity Fair actually decided to make fun of Hillary Clinton,” said Lahren.

“I give them some credit for that because they’re not really quick to do that and they’re going to take some heat for it but I applaud them. Finally, they’re coming to their senses and they got a sense of humor,” she added.

Certain Twitter liberals were miffed at the video’s suggestion that Clinton should leave public life and take up “knitting” and or a number of other hobbies.

“Take up a new hobby in the new year. Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy ― literally anything that will keep you from running again,” said writer Maya Kosoff.

Once the video went viral, it didn’t take long for #CancelVanityFair to begin trending on Twitter.

“Vanity Fair has been a trash heap for the last few years. Why take them seriously,” griped former Vermont governor occasional MSNBC presence Howard Dean.

Hannity substitute — the considerably more staid David Webb — took issue with the idea that there was anything sexist about knitting or suggesting it as a list of hobbies for a woman to pursue.

“I gotta have a sense of humor about this guys,” he said. “Men do knit and here’s Rosey Grier to prove that.”

The show played an old “Job Corps” video featuring the actor and former football star promoting the hobby to men.