Tomi Lahren Blasts Berkeley Protesters as ‘Militant Herd of Triggered Crybabies’ (Video)

“The unloving and intolerant left will stop at nothing, literally nothing, to ensure conservatives don’t have a voice,” TheBlaze host says

Tomi Lahren blasted University of California, Berkeley protesters as a “militant herd of triggered crybabies” for causing chaos that forced the school to evacuate Breitbart editor Milo Yiannapoulos before he was scheduled to speak earlier this week.

“I don’t care what your leftist posse or professors told you, it is not OK, nor is it protected expression, to attack people or set fires because someone else’s free speech offends you,” the conservative Blaze host said on Thursday night during her “Final Thoughts” segment.

“It’s true, the unloving and intolerant left will stop at nothing, literally nothing, to ensure conservatives don’t have a voice on college campuses and as evidence by the riots a U.C. Berkeley,” she said before playing a montage of video showcasing the violence on the school’s campus that occurred Wednesday night.

Livestreams and Twitter posts from the demonstration show protesters shooting fireworks at the building, and at least one fire small fire was set near the event. Windows were also reportedly broken. Police ordered crowds to disperse, and fired rubber pellets at demonstrators who refused the order.

A local reporter tweeted images of “fresh” spray paint last night that featured vandalism saying “kill fascist,” “f— Milo,” and “kill Trump” at a Walgreens located near the campus. The violence was instigated by a group of “about 150 masked agitators,” according to a UC Berkeley statement, indicating that the majority of the “more than 1,500 protesters” conducted themselves peacefully.

“See, what these animals, and yes I said animals, did last night proves my point. It proves Milo’s point and it’s part of the cancer spreading like literal wildfire across our nations college campuses,” Lahren said. “I can’t figure out why some in my generation are willing to create chaos and incite anarchy over someone else’s free speech.”

No arrests were made, according to multiple reports including CNN and the L.A. Times, but President Donald Trump tweeted, “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?”

Watch the video above.