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Tomi Lahren Rips Trump Inauguration Boycotts: 'It's a Crybaby Moment' (Video)

"Denouncing the incoming president is not a social-justice moment," The Blaze host says

Planning on skipping president-elect Donald Trump's inauguration festivities? Tomi Lahren doesn't care -- and she's willing to go on at length to tell you how much she doesn't care.

The Blaze host dropped a video Tuesday to address the boycotts planned by Georgia Rep. John Lewis and others, referring to them as "tired, out-of-touch politicians." The Civil Rights Movement icon is one of many members of Congress who have opted out of the inauguration.

"Is this really a loss for anyone?" Lahren said of the boycotts. "I don't think so. I see it as resources saved, and the conservative in me is pretty stoked about that."

Lahren went on to accuse the boycotters of living "in a land of unicorn promises -- free college, free healthcare and free abortions. Reality has never been their cup of tea."

Nonetheless, Lahren suggested that Trump detractors make peace with the changing of the guard.

"Denouncing the incoming president is not a social-justice moment, it's a crybaby moment, and I don't care who you are," Lahren opined. "Hate Trump, that's fine, but he won, and he won by an electoral landslide."

She went on to suggest that Trump opponents "get comfortable being uncomfortable, and make America great again."

Watch the full spiel in the video.