Tomi Lahren Tells Playboy She Hates Feminism, Loves Lady Gaga

The ousted Blaze host covers everything from Beyonce to her appearance on “The View” in a long Playboy interview


Tomi Lahren sat down for an in-depth interview with Playboy Magazine to talk about her likes (Lady Gaga) and dislikes (feminism).

Playboy chatted with Lahren in her Irving, Texas home, where she was “surrounded by a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers from various media outlets trying to court her.” (On Monday, Lahren settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against TheBlaze and its founder, Glenn Beck.)

Lahren resurfaced her beef with Beyonce, praised Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance for not being outrightly political, and distanced herself from fans who abandoned her after she announced she was pro-choice on “The View.” Here are some highlights:

She thinks feminism is bad for the United States.

“Bad,” Lahren said when asked if feminism is good or bad for her country. “I think of myself as an American, as a daughter, as a friend. I don’t wake up and think, ‘What can I get for free today because I’m a woman’ or use my gender to further some kind of entitlement for me.”

She considers Fox News the “Mecca.”

“Of course I would,” she said when asked if she would consider an offer from the company. “That’s the Mecca. But I don’t care what the outlet is. I would work for MSNBC if I could be me and be authentic and genuine, and do what I do. That’s the thing about me: I can learn and I can grow, but you’re not getting some empty vessel that you can make with it what you want.”

She still has a bone to pick with Beyonce.

Lahren incurred the wrath of the Beyhive when she criticized Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, accusing her of “ripping off the historical Band Aid” and saluting the Black Panthers “terrorist organization.” Lahren said of Queen B: “She’s got a cult-like following.”

“Had I gone after her for lipstick she wore they would have hated me anyway because there’s a following behind people like Beyonce who feel like they’re friends with her, that they’re close to her and she’s their icon. Also, they felt like she was making some kind of black-power moment. She wasn’t saluting Martin Luther King Jr.; she was saluting the Black Panthers, who have a sketchy history, and history of violence towards police,” said Lahren.

But she adores Lady Gaga.

While trashing Beyonce’s political show, Lahren offered praise for Lady Gaga‘s more traditional approach to the Super Bowl Halftime performance this year. “I was so impressed that Lady Gaga was able to avoid that by leaving the political bullshit out of it,” she said.

She’s offended at being deemed a “diva.”

“One thing my parents never raised me to be was a diva,” she said when asked to address the allegations that “diva-like behavior” is partly what accounted for her firing from TheBlaze. “I’m pretty low-maintenance. I’m the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. Anything to the contrary, I would look at the source and ask what their motivation is for saying this.”

She doesn’t miss her fans who distanced themselves after learning she was pro-choice.

“I don’t really need you,” she said. “You can disagree with me, but if you now hate me or turn your back on me because I have this position, I don’t need you.”

She still supports Trump’s revised travel ban — or as Playboy put it, the “Muslim Ban.”

“These are areas that are Jihadist, war-torn countries that want to establish a caliphate under Sharia,” she said. “And to say that we shouldn’t be monitoring those places is being completely tone-deaf to what’s going on in the world. Look at Europe. They’ve said, ‘Bring them all in,’ and look what’s happening there? It’s a fundamental transformation.”