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Tomi Lahren Goes on Tirade Against Meryl Streep’s ‘Liberal Privilege,’ ‘Hollywood Elite’ (Video)

TheBlaze personality also describes the Golden Globes as an ”overrated collection of liberals gathered in a room to honor themselves“

After Donald Trump ripped into Meryl Streep for her politically charged Golden Globes speech, one of his biggest supporters gave her “Final Thoughts” on it.

TheBlaze personality Tomi Lahren didn’t hold back in her criticism of both the Oscar-winning actress and the famous peers in front of whom she spoke on Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton International ballroom.

“Last night, Meryl Streep stood in front of a theater of rich Hollywood liberals to prove how out of touch Hollywood is with the rest of the country,” Lahren said in a video posted on her Facebook page Monday night.

“She also validated our reason for voting for Donald Trump, and reminded us how important the Electoral College really is,” she continued.

“Without the Electoral College, people like Meryl Streep and the Hollywood elite would have a stranglehold on the rest of the country. You know, the football- and MMA-loving rest of the country.”

Lahren went on to refer to the Globes guests and nominees as an “overrated collection of liberals gathered in a room to honor themselves,” and then reviewed the finer point’s Streep’s speech.

First she reminded us that Hollywood stars are “just average folks … who wear millions of dollars of jewels and designer gowns to walk on a red carpet for 20 minutes, meanwhile pretending to care about so-called income equality and the working class,” Lahren said.

After pointing out that many movie stars are foreigners, “then Meryl went left, way left by insinuating our President-elect Donald Trump would kick them all out … are you sure? The folks he wants to kick out are illegals with criminal records.

“Though I am sure some would like to return a few of these Hollywood entertainers to where they came from, that is not the agenda of the Trump administration,” the 24-year-old host said.

Lahren went on to stress how Streep was on “her high horse” when talking about the arts and creating community. “Hey, Meryl, we happen to like football and MMA — go Cowboys,” she said. “Without us, the football and MMA deplorables you look down on, you would have no one watching your ‘arts.'”

The right-wing personality then disagreed with Streep’s message that “violence begets violence,” blaming rap music for inner city crime and slammed her emphasis on the importance of the truth.

“Safeguarding the truth … is that the same truth as the 33,000 emails Hillary deleted?” Lahren asked.

“I just wonder what Donald Trump will do without the support of the Hollywood elite,” she marveled sarcastically. “Oh, I know — he will make America great again.”

Watch the video below, and read Lahren’s equally harsh tweets about Streep from Sunday night.

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