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John Malkovich Talks Saving Lives and Running Mugger Down With Sean Penn on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

The actor was deemed a hero when he saved a man's life on the streets of Toronto — a far cry from what he nearly did on the streets of New York

John Malkovich is an accomplished actor, and now, a hero. He was also a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday, where he discussed his recent life-saving act in Toronto.

The thespian was in the Canadian city to open an opera when he noticed a man writhing on the sidewalk. The poor guy had accidentally slit his throat on a scaffolding bolt. Malkovich snapped into action, using his scarf to stop the bleeding. Though if you heard Malkovich tell it — which you can below — it was no big deal.

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Friends of Malkovich sarcastically doubted his generosity, and his famous deadpan delivery made the studio audience unsure about their applause. But his next story put everyone more at ease, even if it did involve a near murder.

You see, Malkovich is a streetwise dude from New York — so the north-of-the-border incident isn't the first time he's publicly taken action. Once, he ran down a mugger with Sean Penn, and a separate incident saw Malkovich nearly kill a man with a butcher knife.

Make sure you stick around for that exchange below.

Watch the clip:

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