Tony Hawk Again Mistaken for Guy Who Kinda Looks Like Tony Hawk – This Time at COVID Testing Site

This isn’t the first time the skateboarding legend shared such a story

Tony Hawk
Getty Images

Poor Tony Hawk. Being a skateboarding legend doesn’t mean people will recognize you when they see you at a coffee shop, or an airport, or at a drive-thru, or as Hawk just shared, very recently at a COVID-19 testing site.

First of all, let’s pray neither Tony Hawk nor his rad family test positive for the virus on the last day of 2020. But let’s then stop and acknowledge how hilarious it is that yet another person didn’t recognize him. Hawk on Thursday shared this anecdote about going to a drive-thru testing site while wearing a mask.

Incredibly, Hawk looking a little like Tony Hawk has become a running joke, and he’s shared similar anecdotes in this same format on Twitter multiple times, what some have deemed “Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare.”

Back in 2018, a flight attendant noticed four skateboards in the overhead bins and asked jokingly, “Is Tony Hawk on this flight or something.” Upon looking down and seeing him, the attendant joked, “I guess he is.”

Another time while going through the TSA check line, Hawk was asked, “I wonder what he’s up to these days,” to which he replied, “this.” And then of course there was the time a guy asked if he was famous person “Tony Stark.”

ESPN rounded up a few of the other instances of his unfortunate anonymity below.


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