Too Much Purple Haze? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Misremembers Prince Song (Video)

Social media went wild on the CNN anchor

Prince CNN

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was either confused or simply reminiscing about 4/20 when he mistakenly referred to Prince’s “Purple Rain” as “Purple Haze” following the music legend’s tragic death.

“All of us, of course, remember ‘Purple Haze’ and what that did for the world of music,” Blitzer said.

Blitzer clearly mixed up Prince’s album with the Jimi Hendrix hit “Purple Haze,” but even a harmless mix-up will cause ridicule on social media these days.

Other Blitzer-inspired Prince songs have popped up on message boards including “When Dougs Cry,” “When Gloves Fly,” “Raspberry Sorbet” and “Little Red Chevrolet.”

Check out some responses below: