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10 of ‘Arrested Development’s’ Best Inside Jokes (Videos)

At 12:01 PT Sunday, Netflix streams the highly anticipated revival of "Arrested Development," a show that redefined the inside joke and the running gag — here are our favorites

“Arrested Development” is finally back. Netflix will stream all 15 new episodes of the revived show’s Season 4 at once.

In the spirit of one a program that’s had some of the heaviest and most successful “inside jokes” in the history of television, we proudly present you with the 10 best.

1. “Hey, Brother!”

Buster (Tony Hale) pretty much had one greeting for every member of his family — especially the male siblings. Here’s a bunch in one hysterically repetitive montage.

2. Tobias’ “Unintentional” Homoerotic Comments

Tobias Funke (David Cross) is not gay, though nearly everything he says and does would contradict that. And the “world’s first Analrapist’s” way of turning a phrase became ever more ridiculous as the show’s original run unfolded:

3. George Michael’s Ann/Egg

When George Michael (Michael Cera) wasn’t secretly courting cousin Maeby (and even when he was), he had an on-again/off-again girlfriend named Ann. The only problem was, Ann was the most forgettable human being in the world:

4. “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake.”

Gob Bluth (Will Arnett) made a lot of mistakes over the first three seasons of the show. Here are a number of them in an extended moment of self-reflection:

5. The Chicken Dances

You’re not a real super-fan of “Arrested Development” if you don’t have your own chicken dance. Fortunately, one obsessed fan made a compilation from the whole Bluth family: AC/DC is ordinarily not included — nor are any traits of actual chickens:

6. Buster’s Hand/”Loose Seal”

The writers foreshadowed Buster losing his hand to a rogue seal brilliantly — well before any of us really knew it was happening. And though Buster’s run-ins with overprotective and overbearing mom Lucille, girlfriend Lucille Austero and ultimately an actual “loose seal” left him anything but “all right,” you wouldn’t know it from the description of the Bluth family doctor, who lacksĀ bedside manner, logic, and tact. See what we mean next.

7. The Literal Doctor

The world’s worst emergency room physician takes the Hippocratic Oath quite hypocritically. Don’t ever take this guy at his word.

8. Franklin Delano Bluth

In an effort to “hip up” his act, Gob had briefly introduced a puppet — a super vulgar, awesomely racist puppet that clashed quite a bit with the rest of the Bluths. Together, Gob and Franklin released one hit single, “It Ain’t Easy Bein White or Brown.”

9. “Come On!”

Never has such a short, common phrase so perfectly encompassed an entire family of failures. The Bluth’s cannot catch a break, though it’s pretty much their own fault every single time. Come on!

10. J. Walter Weatherman, Life Lesson Coach

Weatherman (Steve Ryan), an old employee of George Bluth Sr,. always popped up when somebody needed to learn a life lesson the hard way. After all, who better to scare the behavior out of impressionable children (and eventually adults) than a one-armed man? Sometimes kids don’t leave notes and sometimes they yell — and THAT’S why you always keep J. Walter Weatherman on the payroll.