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Top Twitter Curmudgeons: The 10 Surliest Folks to Follow

From Andrew Breitbart to Kurt Sutter, some folks who feel we all have to know about the things they cannot stand

Twitter is for those thoughts that sit at the top of your brain, sent down through your fingers and out on the web.

A delicious meal or a reaction to breaking news is usually standard tweet subject matter, but some folks are using the microblogging service as a soapbox to register the things they cannot stand.

“Sons of Anarchy” producer Kurt Sutter, for example, a self-described “guy who needs filters — lots of them," became so tweet-crazed that he felt moved to pull the plug on his account following reactions to his anti-Matt Weiner sentiments.

"no one else wants to f—— say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv — breaking bad and walking dead" he tweeted, lambasting journalists covering his Twitter rants (yes, including TheWrap).

But he's not the only curmudgeon whose posts are dry, snarky, and sometimes downright mean.

Following is a list of Hollywood and political pundits, comedians and even foodies unafraid to offer their sharp but grouchy perspective in 140 characters or less.

Andrew Breitbart
What makes him a curmudgeon: The conservative commentator takes it upon himself to call out the liberal media with tweet rants, caps lock on. The aggressive finger-wagger has picked fights with the likes of Janeane Garofalo and “Majority Report" host Sam Seder.
Recent sample tweet: “Meet Hollywood's biggest sympathy-f%$#-of-a-career, race-baiting wanna-be Chomsky-ite Jonene Gorubulof: http://t.co/oy07YUe @j_garofalo

Roger Ebert
What makes him a curmudgeon: His June 20 “Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive” tweet caused a stir when “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn was killed in a drunk driving wreck. It prompted a torrid tweet-off between Dunn’s co-star Bam Margera and the since-apologetic movie critic.
Recent sample tweet: “Halle Berry's birthday. 'Gothika' is streaming on Netflix. Not great art, so console yourself with great trash. http://t.co/MFxzcKA”

Buzz Bissinger
What makes him a curmudgeon: The “Friday Night Lights” author’s feed features some intense rants, the latest on Miami University and its alumni. Without even a profile photo, the Vanity Fair editor seems to use Twitter solely as a place to be mean.
Recent sample tweet: “I hate douchejuices who only use Twitter for their own self-serving purposes. But it's pretty well known I hate myself already.”

Michael Wolff
What makes him a curmudgeon: The Adweek editorial director goes for the punches on media news with a mix of cynicism — and just being a jerk. He’s like the sharp-tongued sardonic uncle you can only tolerate in small doses.
Recent sample tweet: Referring to people at News Corp., “They're not just liars, but incompetents too, failing to deal with what they might have reasonably anticipated would come back to bite them”

Joe Flint
What makes him a curmudgeon: The L.A. Times media reporter is not afraid to tell others what they “should” or “should not” do. With a very distinct compass for “good journalism” (as defined by Flint), he takes it upon himself to criticize all he can. 
Recent sample tweet: “How long until first lame story on how people used Twitter and Facebook to discus the earthquake appears?”

Wanda Sykes
What makes her a curmudgeon: She may be irate, but this curmudgeon is all love. Comedian Skyes is not afraid to offer up blunt, no-nonsense commentaries that point out the the very real and very messed up goings-on of the media and its players.
Recent sample tweet: “Hear wife Skyping with her family in France. Think I'll stay in bed and call my parents. Saves me from smiling n noddin, n gettin dressed.”

Anthony Bourdain
What makes him a curmudgeon: This hard-to-please food critic is no stranger to approaching life with an upturned nose, especially when it comes to cooking calamities.
Recent sample tweet: “A cheeseburger between donuts is no kind of 'Southern' cooking. It's just bad cooking.”

Alec Sulkin
What makes him a curmudgeon: “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show” contributing writer Sulkin fills his feed with hermitic messages of irritation with the world. The self-identified “narcisissy” isn’t afraid to burst your bubble.
Recent sample tweet: “When I tell you "things have a way of working themselves out" it means stop talking about it.”

Louis C.K.
What makes him a curmudgeon: The red-haired stand-up comedian must be pretty used to being called a jerk. When he’s not tweeting television appearances (of which there have been many, as of late), he loves to throw in the occasional agitating response or poop joke.
Recent sample tweet: “wise words: never s— in dead guy's face, unless you're REALLY s—ting in a dead guy's face.”

Bret Easton Ellis
What makes him a curmudgeon: The “American Psycho” novelist caused a huge stir in the Twittersphere on the day of J.D. Salinger’s death when he tweeted, “Yeah!! Thank God he’s finally dead. I’ve been waiting for this day for-f—ing-ever. Party tonight!!!” Ellis continues to fill his feed with unapologetic commentaries on the best and worst of film, television, and literature.
Recent sample tweet: “'I just finished continuously barfing during the last twenty minutes of the Glee anti-bullying episode. Am officially back in the closet.'”

These Tweeters should take a moment to follow the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama) for some words of calm and reflection sent from Dharamsala, India:

“My own experience, and that of others, has shown me the degree to which positive mental attitudes bring happiness to oneself and others.”