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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Shocker! 10 States Most-Obsessed With the Jamie Dornan-Dakota Johnson Movie (Exclusive)

Facebook data reveals what parts of the United Stars are most excited about the Valentine’s Day release in a special report compiled for TheWrap

Malaysia may have banned “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but American audiences have long been anticipating the film adaptation of E.L. James‘ blockbuster novels, which hits theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Facebook compiled an exclusive “Fifty Shades” report for TheWrap to rank conversations about the movie on the social media site using likes, shares, comments and status updates to find out which states in the union are most looking forward to the film. The results may surprise you.

Also interesting in the Facebook/Wrap “Fifty Shades” report are the states with the least chatter about the film: despite its stereotype for openness, California has the least discourse about the BDSM film. Hawaii, Montana,  Tennessee and New Jersey follow suit in ascending shades of crimson, proving not everyone will submit to hype.

But who cares about talk when box office is ringing loudest?

Not Focus Features and Universal, on track for an opening north of $60 million for the three-day weekend starting February 13, with a potential bump from the President’s Day holiday that Monday.

The bondage and erotic submission central to the steamy books, which have sold more than 100 million copies, will be a big part of the movie and account for its rating. Yet the relationship between Anastasia Steele (Johnson) and Christian Grey (Dornan) is what the marketing campaign has been underscoring.

And it’s working — “Fifty Shades” is the fastest selling R-rated film in the history of movie ticket hub Fandango.

Do you think the state rankings are accurate? Shout out where you’re from and let us know if you’ll be seeing”Fifty Shades” in the comments section.

For the past seven days, 3.7 million people had over 6 million interactions related to the Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson romp on Facebook. The top ten locations with the most buzz, according to our heat-sensitive map are as follows:

10. Rhode Island

9. Vermont

8. Pennsylvania

7. Kentucky

6. New Hampshire

5. Indiana

4. Maine

3. Ohio

2. Michigan

And the state most excited for “Fifty Shades” is …

1. West Virginia. Looks like that’s the real Virginia for lovers. Click here for the expanded map.