‘Top Gear’ Hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc Mock Report That They Hate Each Other

Newspaper claims that driving stunt near war memorial drove a stake between the two

top gear matt leblanc

It appears that the only battle “Top Gear” personalities Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are waging against each other is the one over who’s the biggest wise-ass on Twitter.

Responding to reports that Evans and LeBlanc, who both recently joined the BBC series, were at each other’s throats over a driving stunt near a revered war memorial last month, the pair took to Twitter to quell the scuttlebutt.

“Just been on the phone to @Matt_LeBlanc to confirm we are ‘at war’ as reported in The Sun today. He says, ‘sure, whatever..’ Why I oughta!” Evans wrote on Wednesday.

“I’m at war with @achrisevans?” LeBlanc added. “That’s funny, I thought we were pals.”

The pair were responding to a report by British newspaper The Sun, which claimed that the relationship between Evans and LeBlanc “has broken down,” and that Evans blames LeBlanc for a driving stunt last month near the Cenotaph war memorial in London, which prompted complaints and an apology from the BBC.

The Sun also quoted a source as saying LeBlanc “was never Chris’s choice — it was a decision forced upon him to attract the U.S. market.”

The source further claimed that, since the Cenotaph incident, “their relationship’s deteriorated. Chris thinks Matt severely damaged the brand.”

The series drew complaints after a shoot near the Cenotaph from people who thought filming a car stunt near the memorial was disrespectful. The BBC maintained that photos published in the press made it appear that the stunt took place closer to the memorial than was actually the case, but the broadcaster apologized nonetheless.

“[W]e are acutely aware of how some of the images in the press look today via the angle and distance they were taken and for which, as [‘Top Gear’ host] Chris Evans has already said, we sincerely apologize,” the BBC said.