‘Top Gun’ Sequel Will See Tom Cruise Grappling With Drone Warfare, Jerry Bruckheimer Says (Video)

“Beverly Hills Cop” sequel will bring Eddie Murphy to Detroit

Jerry Bruckheimer is taking one of his biggest hits out of the hanger and adding a modern twist to make it relevant to 21 century moviegoers.

Plans for a sequel to “Top Gun” will have Tom Cruise grappling with a new kind of aerial warfare, one that is more reliant on drones, the veteran producer said during an interview this week with Bloomberg TV’s Jon Erlichman.

“Technology has changed, obviously, since we made the first one,” Bruckheimer said. “So I think we’re going to take advantage of what the world is like today with the drones really taking over in a lot of our wars.”

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That may mean that Cruise’s Maverick and his “need for speed” will have to get the old adrenaline fix in fresh ways.

“Is the pilot obsolete?” Bruckheimer asked. “Are those guys, those jet jockeys, are they gone from now? No I don’t think so…because you still have to make quick decisions.”

“We’re hopefully going to highlight both worlds,” he promised.

Bruckheimer said that drone concept was cooked up by Tony Scott, the director of the first film who committed suicide in 2012.

“Top Gun” isn’t the only one of the veteran producer’s greatest hits that is getting revived. Bruckheimer is working on a sequel to “Beverly Hills Cop” that will pair Eddie Murphy with director Brett Ratner (“Rush Hour”).  Filming may start at the end of summer or the beginning of the fall, he said.

“I’m going to take Eddie back to Detroit,” Bruckheimer said. “He’s going to be in Beverly Hills, take him to Detroit. So, we’re going to have some fun with him. And he’s really excited about doing it.”

 Watch the video: