L.A. Lakers’ LeBron James Is the Most In-Demand NBA Player – Beating Everyone in the Finals | Charts

Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry, though, takes the No. 2 spot for talent demand, according to Parrot Analytics

From left, LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Dennis Schroder at Staples Center on Jan. 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, Calif. (NBAE/Harry How/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics are locked in a tense NBA Finals series, and longtime fans (and even those with passive interest in the championship) may wonder how it’s affecting certain players’ popularity. Parrot Analytics’ talent demand tool, which tracks demand for any talent globally and regionally, including talent in sports and non-traditional entertainment industries, found that of the top 10 NBA talents of the last 30 days, half were players and coaches in the NBA finals — though not the player in the No. 1 spot, LeBron James.

It should come as no surprise that James is the most in-demand NBA star over the last 30 days, even though the Lakers aren’t in the championship finals.