Tornado Picks Up Reporter’s Car, Tosses It Off the Road: ‘I Truly Believed I Was Going to Die’

Nick Sortor shared video and a bloody-faced photo of his brush with tornadoes sweeping Tennessee and Arkansas

Tennessee tornado 2023 reporter Nick Sortor
Reporter Nick Sortor covered tornado that raged through the Midwest in 2023. (twitter/nicksortor)

A reporter got a little too close to the severe storms that rolled through middle of the country on Friday, as a tornado picked up his vehicle and tossed it sideways in a creek.

Nick Sortor — who co-hosts “The Roundtable Show” podcast and has contributed to “Tucker,” “Fox & Friends,” Newsmax and BBC — shared a photo of himself bleeding from the head and his vehicle with blown out windows lying on its side in a creek.

“I truly believed I was going to die at the moment my car was picked up and tossed off the road by this massive tornado in Tennessee,” Sortor wrote on Twitter. In another post, he said his car was “totaled” and shared a screenshot of a tweet he attempted to post which warned people about the tornado.

Sorter has followed the storms for the past few days as they’ve devastated parts of the Midwest and South, and reported on a “mass casualty incident” that was declared “after an extremely large, violent tornado touched down” near Little Rock, Arkansas. “People are being rushed to hospitals in police cars. This storm system is moving east toward Memphis. I’m en route.”

When he arrived at the scene, Sortor shared video footage of the tornado damage. “IF YOU’RE IN THE PATH, SEEK SHELTER NOW,” he wrote. “”

At the time of posting, CNN was reporting that at least 22 people had died from the storms and tornadoes, with more than 50 tornadoes recorded in at least seven states from the Great Lakes to the Deep South.