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Toshiba’s New 3D TV — No Glasses Required

Will be on sale by Christmas, according to a Japanese news report

3d glassesWant to watch 3D TV but glasses not your style? Toshiba is working on a solution.

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported Tuesday the electronics giant is developing technology that unlike current 3D TVs on sale today from makers such as Panasonic and Sony, don't require glasses.

With current glasses-free monitors, used mainly for store displays, 3D effects emerge when viewers stand in specific locations.

The Yumiuri Shimbun report said Toshiba's technology involves transmitting light at different angles that give the impression of stereoscopic images. The TVs will be on sale before Christmas, according to the report.

Yuko Sugahara, a Toshiba spokesperson, confirmed to the Associated Press that the technology is in the works. She did not say when the sets would go on sale.