‘Toy Story 3’ Sets All-Time Pixar Mark

Closing in on $900 million worldwide, 3D film surpassed “Finding Nemo” as animation company’s top grosser

"Finding Nemo's" all-time Pixar box-office mark now swims with the fishes.

With $896.7 million in global theatrical receipts, 3D film "Toy Story 3" is now the Disney-owned computer-animation company's top grosser, beating out the 2003 aquatic-themed "Nemo" (which topped out at $867.9 million).

Shot for less than half the price ($93 million) and drawing on 2003 non-3D dollars, of course, "Nemo" presents a bit of an apples-and-oranges comparison to the new "Toy Story."

However, the mark nonetheless impressive, considering "Toy Story 3" — which has grossed nearly $500 million abroad so far — still has some legs left internationally and should hit the $1 billion mark globally.