Trace Adkins Adds Lyrics to ‘Breaking Bad’ Theme Song in Time for ‘El Camino’ (Video)

Heisenberg goes country

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” was a near-perfect TV show. The only thing missing from the Vince Gilligan meth-drama was lyrics for its haunting theme song. Enter Jimmy Fallon and Trace Adkins, who rectified that humungous oversight just in time for the release of sequel movie “El Camino.”

Here is how the new version of the “Breaking Bad” theme begins:

He was a high school teacher ’til he got real sick/(Now he’s breaking bad, now he’s breaking bad)/Aaron Paul was his friend who called everybody “bitch”/(He was breaking bad, also breaking bad)

Started cooking up drugs, but they came out blue/(He was breaking bad, making drugs is bad)/Bought a pork pie hat, threw a pizza on the roof/(‘Cause he’s breaking bad, really breaking bad)

Then Adkins’ lyrics wade into spoiler territory, which earn him a scolding from the choir.

Watch the video above.

Trace doing his best extreme-baritone Heisenberg happens at the two-minute mark of “The Tonight Show’s” latest “Audience Suggestion Box” segment.

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which follows what happens to Jesse Pinkman (Paul) after his big series-finale getaway, comes out on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. Friday morning. That same day the “Breaking Bad” sequel will enjoy a very limited run in movie theaters.