Trailer for Colombian Version of ‘Breaking Bad’ Offers Pretty Much the Exact Same Show, Remade in Spanish

“Metastasis” looks very, very familiar

Usually, remaking a TV show for a foreign audience means that a team of writers will give a more authentic regional spin to the program.

Not so much for the Colombian version of “Breaking Bad.”

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Seriously, this new trailer “Metastasis”  looks exactly the same as the original Vince Gilligan-created show — even more so than in previous trailers. Unfortunately, while Colombian viewers will much more easily be able to understand the dialogue — it is in Spanish, of course — they won’t get the pleasure of watching Bryan Cranston go from meek “Malcolm in the Middle Dad” to terrifying Emmy winner, nor will they get to know the lovable Aaron Paul or his ubiquitous “Yeah bitch!” catchphrase.

On the plus side, Colombian Heisenberg looks equally scary.