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‘Transformers 4': First Look at the Explosions You’ll be Paying to See Next Year (Video)

Practical special effects rock the Detroit production

Two videos captured from the Detroit set of "Transformers 4" give an early taste of the destruction to come on June 27 of next year.

The production is using the Michigan city as a stand in for Hong Kong, which apparently gets leveled by Hasbro's shapeshifting robots (maybe Dinobots?) as yet another wave of evil aliens square off against Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots who have vowed to protect humanity.

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Most of the original human cast is gone, but Michael Bay and Paramount have hired Mark Wahlberg to replace Shia LeBeouf as the main character who audiences are supposed to care about when they're not staring in awe at the spectacular destruction happening on screen. 

While there's only a few unrecognizable humans seen scurrying around on set, Bumblebee — an Autobot disguised as a yellow Chevrolete Camaro — can be seen getting in on the action.

Watch a preview of the practical special effects, which will surely be enhanced with some fancy CGI, in two amateur videos below: