‘Transparent’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Jeffrey Tambor Reacts to Being Called ‘Sir’ (Video)

Emmy winning Amazon series returns on Dec. 11

The first “Transparent” Season 2 teaser trailer opens up with a big, white wedding, but the picture-perfect moment is ruined when Jeffrey Tambor‘s transgender character, Maura, gets labeled a “sir.”

“Did he call me sir?” Maura asks the rest of the Pfefferman clan. “Okay, we’re done.”

Season 2 of “Transparent” returns on Dec. 11, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that Anjelica Huston and Cherry Jones will guest star on the show, along with the slew of familiar faces returning to play various characters the Pfefferman family interacts with as they transition, themselves.

According to creator Jill Soloway, “Our Pfeffermans realize they must give up their disguises, unspoken arrangements and secrets. By exploring their shared history and legacy, they come to understand that you can’t go forward without knowing where you come from. Ultimately, everyone will open their hearts, advertise their desires, and test those notoriously wobbly boundaries as each Pfefferman tries their hardest to come out – as themselves.”

Watch the teaser above.