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‘Transparent’ Star Melora Hardin Says Series Is Changing How People Interact With Trans Community (Video)

”I certainly didn’t have trans people in my life before the show,“ Hardin tells TheWrap in a new installment of ”Drinking with the Stars“

“Transparent” star Melora Hardin believes that Amazon’s Emmy-winning series has forever changed how people interact with the trans community.

“I just feel so fortunate to be on a show that’s really changing, I think, the way people might interact with a trans person,” she said on TheWrap’s latest episode of “Drinking with the Stars.” “I certainly didn’t have trans people in my life before the show. I’d met some trans people but I hadn’t had the opportunity to have relationships with them.”

Now she has an enormous amount of respect for those brave enough to transition to another gender in a society that is only just beginning to learn how to accept those individuals born in the wrong body. Sadly, suicide and homicide remain disproportionately high among trans people.

“The people I have met who have pushed through that and are now on the other side living as a woman, living as a man, they have a kind of kindness about them,” Hardin said. “That takes such extraordinary courage to actually become who you are in the face of everybody just looking at you like you’re crazy.”

Hardin plays Tammy Cashman on the streaming series, and she says the character is a joy to play.”She’s so awesome and ballsy — very different from me, and that makes her so much fun,” Hardin said.

“Transparent” Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon.