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‘Travelers’ Star Eric McCormack on How Social Media Inspired the Show

”This ‘historical record’ will exist, flawed as it is, in hundreds of years,“ actor muses on how time-traveling drama came to be

The newest time-traveling TV show this season has a unique inspiration behind its creation: social media.

“Brad Wright, who created the show… He started with the idea of social media, that’s kind of the germ of the idea,” “Travelers” star Eric McCormack told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “There was a time when history was written by a few people, the winners, now history is written by all of us, all the time… That’s the thing we keep telling our 14-year-olds, you know, anything you do right now, it’s not going anywhere. This ‘historical record’ will exist, flawed as it is, in hundreds of years. What will that tell the future? How accurate are we reporting our lives?”

“Travelers,” which premieres on Netflix on Friday, features McCormack as one of five time travelers from the future whose essences have been sent back into modern-day bodies, with a mysterious goal and journey to come.

“The question everyone will have probably at the end of the pilot is, what is our job, why are these five here?” McCormack teased. “And that will get answered, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. It’s just the beginning of everything else we have to contend with.”

All 12 episodes of “Travelers” will drop on Netflix on Friday, Dec. 23.