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Trayvon Martin’s Parents to Anderson Cooper: The System Didn’t Work for Us

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton tell the CNN host they're looking for the positive in their son's death and his killer's acquittal

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, parents of Trayvon Martin, made their final stop of a day filled with media appearances Thursday evening on CNN, talking with Anderson Cooper about their son's killer and the trial that cleared him of second degree murder charges last weekend.

They spent 45 minutes discussing their feelings about the trial and the jury that found neighborhood watch commander George Zimmerman not guilty of the charges on Saturday. Martin's parents had not made any media appearances post-verdict until Thursday's appearances on various shows.

At times sad, at others, angry, they responded to some of the comments Juror B37 made when she spoke to Cooper on Monday and Tuesday. "From the beginning of the trial, she had her mind made up," Martin said.

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In regards to B37's statement that race had nothing to do with Trayvon's death, an angry Fulton said, "I think that's a joke … I don't understand why she wouldn't see that, but, then again, there's the disconnect."

Fulton also said she fears for her surviving son, Jahvaris, now that there is precedent for people to shoot and kill teenagers who appear threatening. "I'm very afraid right now because I have no clue what to tell him," Fulton said.

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Cooper asked if they had faith in the justice system. "We have faith in the system. But it also goes back to what you to work with. For me, in our case, we just feel as though the state did all that they could do with what they could. Had it been investigated properly from the beginning, there would've been more evidence."

He added: "Does the system work? It didn't for us."

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Trayvon's parents are still weighing their legal options against Zimmerman but said for the time being, they'll focus on the Trayvon Martin Foundation. "God selected the right family," Fulton said. "God wanted us to be the spokesperson."

"Hopefully we can find some positive, some bright side out of all of this."

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