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Trevor Noah Accused of Stealing Jokes by Fellow Comedian Russell Peters (Updated)

”You don’t borrow in this business,“ the comedian says about Noah

Updated, 10:30 a.m. PT, April 8th

Apparently, Peters and Noah just performed a well-executed hoax.

The comedian who seemed to be dead serious on camera in accusing Noah of lifting jokes, just tweeted the whole thing was a joke.

Noah responded that Peters cost him:


Trevor Noah’s turmoil continues as comedian Russell Peters has accused him of stealing jokes from other comics.

“He’s also a thief, but that’s irrelevant,” Peters said on Channel NewsAsia before explaining further that Noah has stolen jokes from him and South African comedian David Kau.

When asked by host Lin Xueling if Noah was simply borrowing jokes, Peters shot the suggestion down.

“That’s not borrowing! You don’t borrow in this business,” he said. “If you’re a comedian, that’s like stealing somebody’s underwear and putting them on. That doesn’t make any sense, why would you do that?”

The claims that Noah has lifted jokes date back to 2013, and Peters brought them back to the surface while answering whether he wanted the “Daily Show” hosting gig.

Peters doesn’t think he would have been the right person for the role, because it’s a political show and that’s not his specialty.

Shortly after Noah was named as Jon Stewart‘s replacement on the Comedy Central staple, the comedian was embroiled in controversy when media outlets questions old tweets about women and Jews. Comedy Central and Stewart, however, have come to his defense.

Watch the video above.