Trevor Noah Almost Has Too Much Fun Mocking Stephen Miller’s Hair (Video)

The architect of Trump’s immigration policies went on CBS’ “Face the Nation” but all anyone noticed was what appeared to be spray-on hair

Stephen Miller is Hairlarious

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah had a huge laugh talking about Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller, after Miller went on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” — and faced ridicule from said nation over his hair.

At issue: Miller appeared to have deployed spray-on hair to mask his receding hairline for his appearance on the CBS show to discuss the border wall Trump wants to build. Except he wasn’t remotely subtle about it, and the effect was a stark contrast in the color of different parts of his scalp that everyone noticed. Cue a storm of jokes from Noah.

“Miller was back on TV talking about how America has to pay for the wall. Emphasis on ‘to pay,’” Noah said, making it rhyme with “toupee.” Cue a clip in which Miller’s hair issues are… noticeable.

“Did you catch that? Not the stuff about the Southern border. I’m talking about the new border. Up here,” Noah said, pointing to his head.

“Bit of a ‘migration’ happening, by the way… It’s like someone said, ‘Who here hates immigrants?’ and his hair was like, ‘This guy,’” Noah joked, motioning as if hair was pointing down.

“Although, I don’t think we should be going after Miller,” Noah continued. “I think we should be going after his barber, Sherwin Williams.”

“It barely even looks like hair. Who let him leave the house like that,” Noah continued. “It looks like he got head-butted by Steven Seagal and it stuck.”

There’s plenty more, and it’s pretty funny, so we’ll let you watch for yourself in the clip below: