Trevor Noah Already Under Fire Over Controversial Tweets About Jews, Women

“South Africans know how to recycle like Israelis know how to be peaceful,” one tweet penned by the new “Daily Show” host says

Trevor Noah’s surprising appointment to “The Daily Show” host Monday was the talk of Twitter, but some past comments from the South African comedian have surfaced to a negative reaction on social media.

Comedy Central’s president praised the 31-year-old stand-up star as “wicked funny” upon announcing him as Jon Stewart‘s replacement, and he wasn’t alone — many on Twitter were ecstatic over his appointment to the network’s satirical staple.

Chris Rock pointed to another trailblazer: “Thank You President Obama,” he tweeted.

But amid positive tweets about Noah’s standup in South Africa and support for his global appeal came mention of past tweets he’s penned about Jews and women.

Noah 1

Noah 2

Noah 3The tweets also extended into controversial comments about women.

Noah 4

Noah 5

Noah 6


Roseanne Bar also had a response for Noah:


Comedy Central did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment regarding Noah’s past social media comments.