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Trevor Noah Compares America to an Infested Mattress Left Curbside as Trash (Video)

”Daily Show“ comedian reviews the week in news, including that ”hotbed of infection“ known as the White House

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has found a positive (but twisted) consequence of the coronavirus forcing government employees home to work remotely: would-be foreign terrorists are scared about entering “infectious America.”

President Trump has continued to downplay the seriousness of COVID-19, even though it has taken more than 214,000 American lives and made over seven million sick. Many inside the Trump administration have followed the president’s lead by not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing, resulting in the White House and other federal buildings becoming “a hotbed of infection,” as Noah puts it. And some of those buildings are now ghost towns.

“The nation’s top generals and the guy who carries the nuclear football are all quarantining now,” Noah said in a Saturday video wrapping up the news of the week. “And you might think that this is the perfect opportunity to invade America because the Pentagon is going to have to coordinate America’s defense over Zoom. But, actually, given how infectious America is right now, good luck convincing your soldiers to attack.”

Showcasing his best Russian accent, Noah told an invisible comrade, “Sergei, now is [the] perfect time; go and occupy [the] White House.” His invisible comrade shot back, “No, why don’t you go and occupy [the] White House?” And back and forth “they” argued.

“Basically, right now, America is that free mattress that you find on the curb. You could take it but you know it’s infested with something,” the comedian said.

“And you gotta appreciate the irony though, right?” Trevor Noah asked. “The president, who spent years blaming Mexicans for bringing over disease has personally turned the White House into a petri dish.”

Watch Noah’s entire “What the Hell Happened This Week?” video above.