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Trevor Noah and Desi Lydic Try to Get to the Bottom of #FartGate on ‘The Daily Show’ (Video)

Get ready for a lot of puns, everyone.

“The Daily Show” waded into #FartGate on Tuesday as host Trevor Noah and correspondent Desi Lydic attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery of who exactly cut one when Chris Matthews interviewed Rep. Eric Swalwell. And yes, a ton of fart jokes ensued.

In case you missed the whole thing, on Monday night Matthews interviewed California Democrat Swalwell about the ongoing impeachment hearings. And during a key moment in their conversation, viewers at home could hear what sounded like a very audible fart. Video of the moment went viral, leading to the hashtag #FartGate, and widespread speculation about who actually dealt it. For his part, Swalwell denies that he made the noise, and MSNBC has since offered the barely convincing explanation that the unmistakably fart-like noise was caused by a coffee mug scraping across a desk.

So “The Daily Show” attempted to suss out the truth. We won’t bother recapping the whole thing verbatim — you can watch it above right now — but we will run down our favorite flatulence jokes from the bit.

Lydic, describing the mood in Washington: “The air is thick with speculation, intrigue, and obviously farts.”

Lydic on the #FartGate context: “It’s clear the impeachment hearings have put Eric Swalwell under an enormous amount of pressure, and yesterday on MSNBC that pressure was finally released.”

Lydic on MSNBC’s explanation: “If mugs made fart noises coffee shops wouldn’t be relaxing, they’d sound like a yoga class in a retirement home.”

Lydic on Swalwell’s denial: “Swalwell’s quick denial is the biggest tell of all. Might I remind you, Trevor, that the law says, he who denied it supplied it. Right there in the Constitution.”

Lydic, when Trevor Noah ran a clip from a different Chris Matthews interview implying Matthews farts on air: “For all we know, Rachel Maddow was practicing the trumpet down the hall.”

Noah, after playing a different Matthews clip: “I’d drop a mic but Chris Matthews would probably find a way to fart into it.”

There’s more, of course, if you think your evening would be enhanced by a ton of fart jokes. Watch it, as we said, above.