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Trevor Noah Can’t Stop Laughing at Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s Wild Press Conference (Video)

Northam has apologized for racist photo from his yearbook page

On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah had a lot of fun at the expense of Virginia gov. Ralph Northam and the wild press conference Northam held on Saturday.

If you don’t know what we’re referring to, click here to read all about it, but briefly: After apologizing on Friday for a racist photo from his medical school yearbook page that showed one person in blackface, and another in a KKK costume, Northam A) announced in a press conference the next day that he won’t resign from office, because B) he doesn’t believe he was in the photo, because C) while he says he doesn’t remember the photo, he does remember a different time he wore blackface for a Michael Jackson costume.

“This guy’s a legend,” Noah joked. “His new defense is that he didn’t do this blackface, because he clearly remembers a different blackface.”

Noah did give Northam credit for admitting to the Michael Jackson blackface incident, but gave him “uncredit once he started sharing the details,” which included knowledge of what happens if you use shoe polish to darken your face.

“I’m sorry, how did he know that it’s hard to get the shoe polish off your face? Because at first it sounded like he had made a mistake,” Noah said. “But now it’s like he’s a blackface connoisseur.”

There’s plenty more in the bit, including a really funny moment where Noah talks about when a reporter asked Northam if he can still moonwalk (yes, that really happened). Watch the whole thing above.