Trevor Noah Claims Omarosa Cancelled on ‘Daily Show’ Last-Minute (Video)

Why? The administration didn’t want the interview to “eclipse the news of the day,” says Noah

Senior Trump adviser Omarosa was supposed to be a guest on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” Monday night but, according to Noah, she canceled last minute.

The reasoning? The administration didn’t want her interview to “eclipse the news of the day.”

Noah said in the opening segment that Omarosa was going to be promoting her episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” The audience laughed, but Noah claimed that was true.

If you remember, the news of the day was twofold: that FBI Director James Comey publicly said there was no evidence to back up President Donald Trump’s claims that his office was being wiretapped, and that the FBI was investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Wow. I did not see that coming,” Noah deadpanned. “Is there a thing for ‘reverse mind blown’?”

Noah then jumps into a rundown of the Comey hearing on Monday, showing how the President was tweeting during the hearing. However, the tweets don’t exactly line up with the truth.

“The NSA and the FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process,” he wrote.

Not too long after that tweet was sent, Rep. Jim Hines asked the FBI director if that was true.

“We don’t have any information on that subject,” Comey said.

Noah giggled. “There’s tweets in Congress now? And Trump is so gangster. He lied on Twitter during a hearing about him lying on Twitter.”

Watch the video above.