Trevor Noah Compares Recount Drama in Florida to Accidentally Killing His Grandfather (Video)

“The Daily Show” host didn’t actually kill pop pop, but the situation in Florida is pretty crazy

On Tuesday, the “Daily Show” took a look at the recount drama in Florida, or as Trevor Noah called it, “the Florida of states.” The situation is so crazy, Noah said, it’s a lot like if you accidentally killed your grandfather through neglect.

At issue are mandatory recounts in Florida’s gubernatorial and senate races, and how Republicans have  pushed back against the recount through claims that the recounts, required by law, are efforts by Democrats to steal the election.

People who say this “are lying. Nobody’s stealing the election,” said Noah. “But that doesn’t mean Florida doesn’t have big issues with its voting. All over Florida, the elections have been a clusterf—.”

Noah then discussed Broward County, where the election supervisor approved inscrutable ballots that put the space for senate candidates underneath the instructions, and separate from all other ballot selections, leading at least 25,000 people to forget to cast a vote for the senate.

“Even if the senate ballot was on a weird place on the form, how as a voter are you leaving that voting booth without voting for the main thing,” Noah asked.

“I sort of understand. Like one time my grandfather sent me to the pharmacy to get his insulin, and then I came back with Shampoo, gum, People magazine. And we was like ‘where’s my insulin’ and I was like ‘ah I forgot the most important thing.’ And then he died and we laughed.”

But don’t worry, Noah quickly clarified that he was just kidding: “He died for other reasons. It was the shampoo, he was allergic.”

Watch the clip above.